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Museum Founders

Jim and Mary Ann Sandoro - Buffalo Transportation Museum Founders

Jim Sandoro, the co-founder of The Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum, first laid eyes on a Pierce-Arrow as a young Buffalonian in the 1940s. This experience began his journey to learn, collect, and preserve the legacy of Pierce-Arrow. Throughout their adult years, Jim and his wife, Mary Ann, spent their time traveling the United States to collect cars, memorabilia, and more. As this collection grew, the urge to share and teach others about this passion also grew. This led Jim and Mary Ann to establish the museum in 1997 as a nonprofit organization.

Our Collection

Frank Lloyd Wright Filling Station - Buffalo Transportation Museum

After 25 years, the museum is a staple within Buffalo and beyond, displaying one of the most unique car collections in the world. To this day, the museum continues to expand its collection of anything transportation related. Visitors of all ages come to explore the antique automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, and the infamous Frank Lloyd Wright Filling Station, a replica of the architect's unrealized design.

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Through the help of the public, the museum is on track to become the world's largest car museum. Expanding into a nearby building will be the start of the museum's Downtown Buffalo campus. 100% of proceeds from our store directly benefit the museum, its continuous expansion, and passion to share the rich automotive history of Buffalo.

For more information about the museum, visit www.Pierce-Arrow.com.